I'll survice in London

My acquaintance with London began with attempts to emigrate. As one of the thousands of others such as the seekers of a good life, I bought a one-way ticket, got a visa and went nowhere, somehow hoping that I was in this "nowhere "wait. London hopes not deceived.

This is, indeed, the city in which it is impossible to be a stranger. Its there practically is not present, and therefore their feel everything. People with any colour, any religion and political views can safely go to London and excellent sponger in its multi - cultural society.

You can go in one end of the city, and appear in an absolutely unreal for the northern capital of the eastern world at the other end of the city - feel the trends distant Africa.

But even among this abundance of crops, London keeps its proud british spirit and its starchy enterprise. This is especially you feel, getting to the city center. Despite erected in some historical areas of glass skyscrapers, a century-old architecture clearly distinguishes London from any other European city.

Выстроившиеся in a number of victorian house with majestic facades and massive entrance doors with a standard slot for letters, do not change its appearance and make it special. The bridges over the river Thames tailored to the special way, decorated and lit in the evenings. And castles, built many centuries ago, are especially symbolic, when you think about the fact that they still lives and works royal family.

Areas of London -as if the individual towns, and in some cases, not even of the city, and villages. In each district has its central street, which is called "Highroad", on both sides of the hotel are many restaurants, stores, small shops and offices. They are so many, that I wonder how each of them have enough customers to survive.
In the heart of the shopping area already there, only residential houses. For the most part, it is adjacent buildings, each with a separate entrance and common external walls. The majority of them, behind the house there is a small garden, where you can dry your clothes, fry barbecue - barbecue or just have a rest. The skilful businessmen divide these two - three-storey house on a few separate apartments and populate the tenants, from where in London is not hanging.

Новоприбывшего in London adventure seeker, most likely, for settlement in one of these improvised apartments or just rent a room in a typical london house. On the one hand, it is even interesting. In fact there is an opportunity to hear the advice and opinions of more experienced neighbors, make new acquaintances and generally immediately feel part of the team. In fact, for the most part, neighbors - this is the same adventurers/students/workers, with whom you can share your plans and to answer their stories.
english houses
The search for work in London will depend on your documents, knowledge of the language and the ability to persuade. The work is always there. The only question is, what, and how it coincides with your ambitions and desires. Immediately become a valuable employee office in the central City, of course, does not succeed, even if you are the owner of the red diploma of the popular in the homeland of the educational institution. But to get a builder or an agent in sales can be almost immediately and without any problems.

Further all will depend on your ability to integrate into the team, to adapt and not to relax. Relax in London easily. Because it gives immediately so that seems to be enough for the whole life.

Around the clubs, restaurants, bright night lights, cheerful neighbors, travel to the next Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and other beautiful city. Any, even the most "average" salary is enough for you to leave in the summer on the ocean, go once a month on a good, inexpensive shopping, and, if they have documents to go to relax in the adjacent continental Europe.
Prices in London, in principle, acceptable, and on the usual salary, really, you can live very well.

Here the main thing is not to relax. Remember that this is only a small part of what can give London. What's next to the process of overcoming the bureaucratic beginning, his conservative policies and strict superiors. In fact, under all of these prim bloom lives forever young soul, which ruled ambitions, activity and thirst for action. This is the power that enables the capital of foggy albion to be the leading city of the world, the european financial center, which is treated.

What can we do?
Work, punching his career personal charisma and permanent achievements, to confirm the diploma and try to get into a familiar sector, to learn, eventually.
Study in London - not only prestigious, but also interesting. Where else you can immerse themselves in the international staff and in such a student's life. Yes and numerous student programs allow us to count on a scholarship or select the schedule of study so as to combine it with work. And even if the elite Oxford and Cambridge - this is far, transcendental prospect, then college in London itself certainly will take you to study and issue the diploma, the quotable in Europe.

In general, survive and become a man in London - it is quite possible. And do not forget that today this city is on young and active immigrants, who build the story again. The main thing, to respect the traditions and keep faith with your strength and success!

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