First Experience

First Time... how it was ...

What would be the partner You fate had not presented, the first experience of always will affect the whole further sexual life. So that it is not known yet, what is better - experienced partner or the same inexperienced boy. Here not guess! The main thing is not to get stuck on the first time and learn to finding harmony in relationships with men(women), which we love.

The first sexual experience tightly sealed in the minds of the individual regardless of his wishes. He is particularly important for women as being more sensitive and emotional. A bad first experience very often becomes the cause of frigidity of the woman, her indifference to sex, inability to experience orgasm, sexual disharmony and its negative attitude towards men in general.
Often, this occurs in the terrible unsanitary conditions, hastily, in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, under the yoke of fear and pressure for a stronger hand, and not to force brings any of the parties to no happiness, no satisfaction. On the contrary, remains in memory as something unpleasant, painful and ugly. About what do not want to remember, and would be quickly deleted from life.
And the girl large lucky if her partner would be the first person knowledgeable, experienced, prudent and tactful. And loving, of course. Because all its subsequent connection, it will unwittingly pass through impressions and feelings of its very first night. What they will be? Pleasant, or not quite appalling? To a great extent, this depends on it...
The first time, as a rule, painful and frightening and unpleasant. And if the partner is rude and inattentive, and even painful. And don't believe their "experienced" the young girl, who for the first time ascended to the heavens and experienced pleasure. This is a lie! It is virtually impossible even physiologically, because traumatic (even if the hymen is a flexible, not torn, and all natural barrier). Even if the first man experienced and attentive, and loving, it is unlikely that the girl will be able to experience orgasm. This is an exceptional case rather than a rule.
And if proximity occurs with the same age, as young and inexperienced as it is, then some not too pleasant and even funny moments, alas, can not be avoided. But all fixable, if young people are in it for love, sincere affection, consciously and voluntarily. And the main thing in a balanced manner. And if everything is done differently? Incidentally, on stupidity, because of the fear of...

From this ridiculous and sad experience of the girl most often makes the impression is frustration and abhorrence of sex sometimes for years. Many women's problems in the sex that is linked with the first sexual experience unfortunate.
Why are the girls still go on it
1. Because of the differences in motivations and levels of sexual development of boys and girls in their teens and early adolescence. It is connected with the fact, as they look at the questions of love and friendship.
The girl at the age of 14 - 18 years old interested in the question of romantic love, platonic love relations, tender friendship. They love to read romance novels and watch melodramas and represent the relationship of men and women in a beautiful and romantic vein of mutual sympathy, good relations tenderness. They in their dreams are far from animal instincts and impulses of the flesh, which is dormant in them. Manifestation of activity on the part of boys scares them offs, resulting in confusion and even frustrating. Sexuality awaken in them much later.
Boys also about 17 - 24 years, first unconsciously, and then all opredelennee are quite specific bodily desire for closeness with the girl. They want sex. And not long before the immature high spirituality relationship with a woman. It will have more later in adulthood. And yet, with their terrible force leads to the body.
The girl, not knowing this, yield to his desires, taking their love for high spiritual order. Very often invented relations, which deducted from romantic novels and are spied in the movies, seem to love, and it is being addressed at the first experience.
Some of the girls do not guess what they are playing with fire, exposing part of its lure pieces, legs, and chest. They provoke guys his clothes, behavior, like allowing them to be desired. Many guys it is very difficult to resist against this. Thus arose early and casual linkages only intolerable desire rapprochement. Unfortunately, they are far from true love and closeness, but inexperienced young people perceived that way.

2. Girl inferior to the requests, desires and threats because of the fear of being rejected, высмеянной be worse than others, collectively formed different from the image of its "little girls", which prevails over its peers in society. That is on this step because of the fear. And not for love.
Sometimes it happens by chance in a state of uncontrolled and unconscious attraction under the influence of alcohol. In such cases, the girl is safe from anything. Especially if it is not too picky in the acquaintances, and in its surroundings there are guys with a dubious reputation. To anything good this experience does not lead, as a rule. And the great love, the marriage, as every secret dreams, here and does not smell.

3. Some modern girls engage in sexual relations as a shock, in retaliation to annoy their parents, that being said to be among the peer advanced, for the sake of interest, to look over more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Most of these eksperimentatorsh grow cynical and indifferent to the normal human relations women. They destroy any relationships to bed, they succeed in the art of bodily comfort.
But few of them can really relax during sex. Because random links and experiments, alas, did not enhance their feminine, and destroy it, devastating their soul, which loses the ability complicity, empathy and thin internal feelings of another person.
It is not true that the best wife went to prostitutes. For the simple reason that the wife is the best, first of all, the close person. Spiritually close. You can acquire thousands of relaxation techniques in bed, learn to play sexual games in the thousands, but never learn to be a woman, soft, kind and tolerant to a single person who will be your husband.
When a woman sells her body many, whether for the sake of the experiment and its own pleasure or for money, she learned testing of selfless love. She loses himself as a woman, with each new partner is not gaining, losing a piece of his soul. Because so arranged her body, it can not exist separately from the mind and of the heart. Because in sexual relations included her entire body. When it comes to sex, it acquires the force of men and bodily energy plan, but gives a part of his inner being.
When this does not happen, and sex and nothing happens, the women in this "woman "is no more or not.
It is possible to admit, that this is just a subjective opinion, and that much of modern life loyal refers to the issues of sex. But no one can prove that, by engaging in sexual relations with a man, a woman never thinks about love, at least for the moment, even though out of the corner of his conscience, and is just a banal issue of sexual discharge or practice opportunity in bed.
The question for each girl first night, one of the most important issues of life. In spite of that. Because he creates all her future life with men, and directly linked to her sense of happiness. Therefore, it must treat it carefully as possible and responsibly.
In any case, it is not:

* STRIVE TO BE LIKE ALL. To ADJUST TO the STANDARDS AND REQUIREMENTS of a FASHION (which can be fashion, if it comes to your own life, which is given to you only once and correct, amend and alter anything in it already does not work ever?!).
* FEAR of BEING REJECTED (love, real love, if she has a place to be, is not checked in the bad way).
* TO DO THIS FOR THE SAKE OF EXPERIMENT WITH DUBIOUS PERSONALITIES. And if we dare to know everything in this life, choose the partner without aggravating circumstances.
* To DO THIS ON the STAIRCASE, IN the BASEMENT, IN the GATEWAY, etc. There is a risk that you it is not like it, and will turn away from it forever.
* GO FOR IT, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE THAT YOU LOVE THIS PERSON. Try to learn, love whether you or a "just because "in some other way. You'll see, soon it will become clear to you and without sex.
* BIND a MAN SO if you want a man, and not the male. There is a risk that, by granting their wish, it just abandon you. Men, women from whom you want only this, bind is impossible, because sooner or later, on his way to meet another, more attractive female, and drag it in the new network.
* USE SEX AS A PROVOCATION AND BLACKMAIL. If only you do not Mata Hari, it is unlikely that this will make you happy. Yes, and what it all ended, remember...
The feeling of happiness for women, as well as for men who are not connected with sexual detente, and with more high and thin plan. Emotional closeness, love, respect, the human warmth. And, of course, harmonious, deep and comprehensive body contact, which may not happen in a hurry, just in the entrance of hit and who's got...
So why are you my first most important experience of his life hurry and lets just move on?! That he then all my life was standing over you like a sword of damocles of your female nothappenees? Because you don't want this! So do not hurry up to become a woman, the more that awareness and a sense of female start this involves only formally...

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