Morning Sex - what can be better?

At what time of day you are most likely to have sex? Sure, that the most part of the audience replied in the evening. And more precisely, in the night, when the children are in bed, read the news, football or a movie, cleaned teeth and... terribly want to sleep.

In what here business? Usually after 22 o'clock in the evening our energy potential has been exhausted completely and forces on sex already catastrophically does not suffice. Therefore a significant part of the couples is capable only on the immediate implementation of the marital duty", after which the two halves with great relief filled up to sleep. Well, where is the romance, passion, erotic games and the like? And soon the couple lose interest not only for sex, but also to each other, after which the whole married life becomes a continuous routine. Whether it is not necessary to reconsider the attitude to the choice of time for sex?

Morning sex is a wonderful alternative to traditional evening intimate games. In the morning every one of us wakes up energetic and rested, and morning sex even add vivacity and gives a good mood. As for men, then, according to the surveys, 8 out of 10 would have preferred to have sex it is morning. By the way, not only the sex will be much more pleasant and "qualitative ": after it you will find that all day're in a good mood and feel full of life energy and activity. No morning coffee is not a substitute for such a "stimulation"! And in the evening you will already be able to solve themselves, whether you have the mood and strength to repeat the experience or not. In any case, "marital duty" will not lord it over you, and sex in the evening will not be only a part of the "mandatory" programs.

Yes, of course, for the morning sessions sex have to wake up a little early. Moreover, there is always a risk that you are so carried away love the game, that you will not be packed in a reasonable period of time and you have to go to work without breakfast. Well, and what? You can have breakfast and at work, and the pleasure that you will take morning sex can not be compared with the banal fried eggs. In the end, you can also go to bed early the night before, that in the morning to have more time in reserve. And on weekends or during holiday morning sex the more beautiful that you can wonderfully sleep and without any hurry to start intimate pleasures.

Therefore, you should at least periodically, to make the diversity in your sex life, indulge in pleasures of love in the morning! 3 out of 5 couples, who tried to go with the evening "exercise" for the morning, noted improve not only the quality of sex, but also relations in the pair.

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