My Dream - Sexy Girl in London

We were left alone. Only you and I ... You slowly lie down on the bed, arms flung over his head. I can see in the twilight of the shine of your eyes. I own you'll gently, gently, gradually freeing you from unnecessary clothing. As you are impatient. Trying to undress me, but I don't dayus. First you, my good. First I open the buttons on your shirt. Will hand down his chest, lower, on the belly, lower still. Then his belt. My hand lightly moves along the lightning unbuttoning her, slowly, slowly. Do you want faster? No, this is my night. And I'll do with you whatever I want. Your head slightly cocked, you look at me, you're waiting for. Slowly sliding his hands, I caress your whole body, from the soles of spending below the knees, on the inside of the thighs, very gently, my hand you almost don't feel, but I hear your shortness of breath, is very exciting. My caress all the more tangible. I touch your nipples, causing them to harden, as I have. Then his hands moved down.

All below and below. And cross the barrier view of the panties. I specifically their not rented. Want to stretch the pleasure, undressing you. My hand descends even lower, feeling the soft, velvety fabric, but not only that. Under the cloth I feel something very interesting, and not soft. I start stroking you gently through the fabric. You want more and trying to pull off his last barrier between us. But no, I catch your hand. While early. I привстаю and begin to undress. Slowly and erotic. I undid the buttons on my blouse, one by one, but don't get it at all. For her there is nothing more out of their clothes. Then pants. I get up and they slip off my legs, opening your eyes little sexy panties. Slightly turn, so that you can take a closer look at me. On the back of her panties only a thin lace strip, as you like. I pull from their shoulders blouse and she falls to the floor. Want to help me to remove her panties?

I so want to, that you did it. Your hands are on my hips, starting their stroke. As nice. You have such gentle hands. You seize the waistband of her panties and pulls them down. Now I'm completely naked. You run your fingers along the inside of her thigh. Your fingers touch my smooth shaven pussy. Only on pubic left a little short cropped hair he. You feel the soft, hot skin. I'm all мокренькая. You see what you done to me? I want your fingers began to caress me, I'm trying to move up closer to you, but you with a smile on postponing hand. You, too, decided to tease me? Again begin to stroke the inside of his thighs. Well, don't torture me!

Your fingers spend on a wet lips, opening them. On the clitoris. Ahhh! How nice! Then the finger strikes me and I groaned and backing up to meet you. I want you. But you decided to check, how much I endure such sweet torture. But I want another. I lean over to you, kisses. My tongue slipped out to you in the mouth and meets with yours. You're so cool kisses. Then the cervix. You like it when I kiss you in the neck? "I very much. I'm going down below and a chest, nibbling on papillae.

My hands in the meantime go with thee panties. Now you're exposed. I like to look at you. On your erect penis. I see the way he wants me. My tongue slides over your belly, lower and lower, and his hands caressed the internal surface of the thighs. You already expect, as I touch of his warm, wet mouth, оближу of all, take the captivity of my mouth. As a tab will be gentle touch to play with the head, stroking bridle. You want this? How much do you want me to do? But no, not now. Now I want you. All. I want to feel him inside of her, to feel as he pushes open the folds of my pussy and gets inside. I put on you резиночку. Thin-thin, almost invisible. Sit down at the top. The head of your penis rubbing against my lips. I was very excited. I can no longer restrain himself. I sink down and feel like you're watching me. For the first time. You moan, softly, almost inaudibly, but I hear and it's even more turns me on. I start to move. The pleasure was so overwhelmed me, that I begin to moan.

It seems that I can cum just from a few movements. You take me by the hips and begin to help me, tempo, which you like best. You're already on the brink of. I hear you gasping. "You have a not controlling. But now you're a bit of a stop, and moan, almost a cry, fell from your lips. I feel it pulsing inside of me and I can no longer behave. The orgasm overwhelms me billions of bright flashes.

Escorts in London

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