Sex in Office

As it is known from the textbook of anatomy, nature has created two individuals of the person reasonable - male and female, who, according to the the old Darwin became today the fact that we are only present because learned to work regularly, either individually or in a team). Improving the instruments of labor, we have reached considerable heights in comparison with our prehistoric ancestors, but, still, like many millions of years ago, the individual men's attracted to individuals of women's (and vice versa), and as outside of the working day, as well as directly at the workplace.

What can you do - "basic instinct" is not asleep, and wherever the unfolding of your work, whether it is "cool" company with foreign investments or shop the mother plant, surely the thought of flirting with a pretty employee not just excites your "mind indignant". But before you make overtures towards the blonde at the next computer (the machine, the counter), you, as a real man, must know everything about the office novel and what it normally ends.

So, erotic "harassment" and sexual adventures in the workplace can be conditionally divided into 4 groups:

# sex on a duty of service;
# sex for the sake of career;
# sex for the sake of sex;
# sex in the name of creating a family.

Intrigued? Then read about each case in detail. Maybe one of them will be of you...

1. Sex on a duty of service
Constant leadership in this issue belongs, of course, secretaries. (Let's not dwell on it the bona fide and chaste from them who by chance got in the eyes of this terrible article.) According to some sources, in our country, almost 80 % of the secretaries shared with his boss not only official duties, but also the bed (chair, sofa, desk, window sill), as well as accompany the chef at the "advanced" presentations, business meetings, shows in the quality of "escort services". (It's not what you think. Although not far from the truth. There is a secretary as spectacular "accompaniment "to the boss.)

By the way, why in the ads employed to work as a secretary-referent an integral and fundamental requirement is the age - not older than 27 years and external data top model. Only 10 % of the rulers are the secretary's older than 35 years with the grace of "ugly Girl" and then, basically, if the secretary boss (with all the care approach to the topic) chooses his wife.

So, how would say a very experienced expert on the staff, sexual services for a long time it is time imputing secretaries in job responsibilities.

When that happens?
Almost always, when there is a boss and his secretary.

Where it is?
In the office of the head at her house, in the hotel, the receptionist in the office with letters WC, in general, where the chief will be convenient...
Recalling in this regard the accident Bill and treacherous Conic Lewinsky, and then, as she was able to do from the President of the respected country "scapegoat" (although she ran to him in the "oral"..., sorry, to the oval office), can only marvel at our domestic secretaries, who never and in the head does not come to announce to the whole country, that them, I'm sorry, "have" the presidents, let not the power, and the private company...

What is fraught with?
Pluses (+). While the secretary shall perform all their duties looks in accordance with the protocol, it is not threatened. On the contrary, it is possible supplement to the salary and the chance to spend a holiday on the canary islands (of course with the boss). Besides, as practice has shown, the heads sometimes marry it on their secretaries. Recall, for example, ex-minister of foreign affairs Andrei Kozyrev, or mr. Fix, " узаконивших" their erotic bursts in the workplace.
Minuses (-). As soon as the age of the secretary exceeding referred to the bar or the range of her sexual fantasies seem boss insufficient, her place will be taken by the other younger and поактивней. Secretary of the same in the best case, will offer another position in the worst - just be fired, to not like his views about the "fall" of the boss.

2. Sex for the sake of career
One of the most common and fastest ways to get the desired position. And quite popular in both sexes. According to statistics, this by going to the exorbitant tops and women (32 %)and men (18 %), whose boss in a skirt. Sexual target in this case can serve not only the head of the firm, - "for business"are used and mid-level officials, which may affect promotion on a service ladder. And here, as in war, it is important strategy and tactics: you need time to understand the boss, that "love is not a sigh on the bench", in the opposite case, even the "making of" chief, there is an opportunity not in the least closer to the coveted post.

When that happens?
When the "bottoms" absolutely can not tolerate the salary in 0,5 c.u. and obsessed with the desire to change the situation until the end of the millennium, but also just believe that talent is a must occupy a decent place, but not yet invented the way to achieve this goal more than the usual way, that is wiping his pants and skirts in the labour field of...

Where it is?
Is "deep" sense of career growth through sex right to work: any little bit of "competent" ladies (and gentlemen) has a standard set of "antics and jumps", absolutely acting on the opposite sex. And there is already the case for small. In the best case, "the applicant" will offer dinner in a small restaurant, smoothly passing in someone else's bed or the boss will take with him on a business trip (of course in DM) with the subsequent settlement in one hotel room. In the worst case, it will be banal sex on the desk. This is really who at that much.

What is fraught with?
Pluses (+). Having received the "old nature" position for some time you can relax. While the "move" prot?g?of the chief, without his consent, no one will. And, it is possible that the new salary will cover the "moral damage". Besides, it is possible to make a break and not so eager to prove a fat bald boss, that tom Cruise next to him just resting...
Minuses (-). And here begins the most unpleasant. Malicious шушуканье colleagues behind his back and forced smiles in the presence of "sponsored(-oh)" will be accompanied by his (her) until't be a change of the entire staff of the company. And with a reputation of a good specialist can say goodbye forever... the Person who has received increasing in this way will be subject to constant gossip, and перемывать his bones will be all, from the cleaner to the deputy ceo. Besides, unconcealed envy of colleagues able to get even the most inveterate "пофигиста". So, in normal relations with colleagues you can put a fat cross. Not exclude the possibility, that especially zealous "well-wishers" begin to look for gaps in the work of "sexual careerist", and, be sure to find them, and there, staring, and "at his own request will be asked to...

3. Sex for sex
This kind of "entertainment" in the working time practice all employees, not having a career background. Here everything is clear and simple - mutually interesting each other in sexual terms, the parties find an opportunity "to merge in ecstasy" directly in the workplace (and outside it). Moreover, the sex takes place by mutual request floors, without moral damages and without any claims on the "close encounter".

When that happens?
When the two working together of people on-the-job "tame" their libido.

Where it is?
Anywhere - from the supply rooms to the cabinet - there would be a desire. This, by the way, does not require a lot of time. Have a lunch break.
Among other things, in some american states lunch break specially extended for an hour: studies have shown that if during the break the workers managed to study the love, their labour productivity increases at 100 %... BUT because sex work is encouraged at the level of legislation... that's it!

What is fraught with?
Pluses (+). Acute and spontaneous sex as nothing else excites both sides. The effect is from what is about to open the door and someone застукает a couple, gives piquancy to the situation. Well, if indeed someone "вломится" at the wrong time, all intelligently pretended that nothing had happened.
Minuses (-). Not always quick sex is of high quality, that for a long time may discourage them to experiment on a pile of documents or in close wardrobe. Besides, the intensity of the sensations quickly become dull, and with the years the interest to the partner comes to naught, and his presence is starting to annoy all the stronger. As the saying goes, nothing is forever...

4. Sex for marriage
"Zealously" cultivated beautiful half the procedure to create the family in the workplace. Here are sincere and tender feelings of the two parties (or, at least, for a start, one) or the wish to (finally, again, in the end) to get married. Both options are exclusively in the REGISTRY office.

When that happens?
When two people find each other exactly at work. Then begins a step-by-step courtship - from platonic sighs and to particular actions.

Where it is?
Plateau-phase flows in the eyes of the "потрясенных" colleagues, in every possible way promote honest "komsomolskoe" feeling. Intimate phase, as a rule, takes place both at work and in free from work time in any place convenient for this place. Complete both phases of the two-day гулянием colleagues at the wedding and a three-day отгулом entire team after the event.

What is fraught with?
Pluses (+). Sluzhebnyj roman inspires both sides and they look forward with joy, uncharacteristic for them hitherto, hasten to their work place. Marriage, that is, the creation of a new "cell of society" in a particular team welcomed the authorities. By the way, every eighth marriage is between work colleagues, and, it is believed that such unions are longer. Besides, received a stamp in the passport, spouses carry their unplanned sexual contact with the working place in the bed.
Minuses (-). Not always long mutual sympathy leads to the wedding. Often flirting at work ends in complete and irrevocable break. And then problems can not be avoided: every day nose to nose when faced with his ex and trying to save at the same time a good face and outward calm, when you want to break on his head chief's peremptory fax, short-fall into depression or earn a nervous breakdown. Most often in such a case one of the parties have to retire and look for a more "quiet" work.

In general, we warned you. Now, being grounded in this delicate matter, you are free to do as you like, well, as you always do. Well, and if that is not hesitate, call to our office. Our very strong half accurately advise you something valuable...perhaps from personal experience...

P.S. But if you still decided to make a "close "acquaintance with his colleague and I am sure that stop you will not be able even the fall of the dollar and the departure of your favorite team of the major league, then know: ways to come together nakorotke to working together with you lady much more than in all other cases. So:

1) you HAVE a general thing, and you always can about it to talk: the topic is easily transformed into discussion of intimate matters. Tip: to discuss with her the last novelties in the central market, also praise the taste of her (so skillfully combine all the colors of the rainbow in a business suit may only it), promise to find out, what will the next brazilian tv series - you are already in tabor.

2) Love her his help: perform for her quarterly report, dial 850 pages of the text, replace it for 20 minutes, so she could run to the nearest perfume shop - and you're already halfway to success.

3) Make it an unexpected surprise: there is not referring to the hurricane baring the door with a scream: "Not waiting for?!", and a small bouquet of flowers or chocolate, accompanied by the phrase: "Take a break - eaten "Twix"!

4) Spend with her lunch break, instead of общепитовской dining room come with her in a cafe not far from the work, order anything and don't forget at the same pay. Tip: do not order the exotic dishes, not the risk to spend the rest of the working day in the room with the letter "M".

5) Walk her home after work. If you are in a car, even better. Tip: pre-clean interior and ликвидируй all traces of the stay in the other women. Take her by taxi, if your machine does not have. Only it is not necessary breathing heavily and put his hand on her thigh. Politely попрощайся until tomorrow.

6) Write her a love letter (preferably without errors). Believe me, all women "being" at it. Yes, you are not Byron, so not keen сдиранием phrases from romance novels, perhaps, they are read. Write something simple and affordable. Even a piece of paper with your clumsy letters will be for it the more expensive of the three-month subscription in the expensive fitness club, and it is with reverence react to your note, as to the top of the epistolary genre. Quietly push her a note in her purse and wait for the result, but not too long, but the little whether such clever with "Твиксами" and the flowers...

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