Sex for one night and 10 reasons to leave

Sex for one night and 10 reasons to leave

Presently with fleeting communications you will not surprise anybody. That else in the last century was considered sinful (casual sex) today, it is possible to tell, in a fashion. Sexual revolution has simplified a sight at many things and for night “the rough love” with the stranger you will be not not condemned by anybody. That's nothing unusual, creative search if want. Perhaps people, thus, choose the partner in life. And some, it is necessary to recognize, it is possible. Many married couples have got acquainted so - for the morning after «a small adventure».

But the most part of similar impulses of passion dies away also suddenly, as well as inflames. Casual lovers exchange awkward smiles, and then leave, at all without having exchanged telephone numbers.

Why so occurs? Why from a bright spark of interest, sympathy (and after all it precisely was) that has turned out that a flame, even a weak spark? The reasons can be a little, SYC will consider the most widespread. So, passion, sex for one night and ten reasons.

1. Wild passion and sex for the sake of sex

In most cases partners initially aren't adjusted to continue the relation. Sex for one night is at all a petty intrigue, so, a way a few to diversify a habitual tide of life. More often with such arguments the men operate, doing not wish to connect itself serious relations. They are frightened by a word "novel", responsibility which stands up for long intimacy is more exact.

Noncommittal meetings suit them much more, as well as some women. Basically at what in the foreground of an open-cast mine and high life. On relations ladies simply don't have time, and the requirement needs to satisfy.

Sex for the sake of sex - the phenomenon extended enough. Quite often casual lovers of the house are waited by constant partners.

2. A dissatisfaction

Unpleasantly, but happens also such. Pleasure for the sake of which actually all also was started - isn't received. In memoirs remained only: pleasant conversation, charm of a smile of the partner, the rough beginning of a love prelude and dim or too fast ending. In a word - misunderstanding. And it would be desirable to recite theatrically: - “farewell, our meeting was an error!” Also is proud to leave. But in a civilized society it is accepted to leave intelligent. The partner after all can not suspect at all that hasn't justified your hopes. It is not necessary to disappoint him in own irresistibility. Quite probably that you simply haven't approached each other, and with other partner at it all will develop much more successfully. Physical incompatibility meets not too seldom.

In similar cases it is better to leave on the encouraging note: to take phone number and having promised to call back, with a lovely smile to disappear behind a door.

3. Friends-lovers

Well who has told, what the friendship between the man and the woman is impossible? In this world in general there is nothing impossible. Yes, the man and the woman can quite maintain long friendly relations which no means always lead to physical affinity. The long friendship is almost as consanguinity. You see in the person of the brother or the sister and any emotional, the more hormonal splashes at dialogue with it don't test. Therefore friends become lovers not often. As a rule, it happens in a state of intoxication when the reality sees to both through a prism of iridescent illusions. One more widespread variant - a consolation of the upset partner. After all to support the friend is a natural impulse, and men is able to calm women only in one way.

4. Sex for the night and alcohol

Habitual combination. For many

5. Habits and lacks

At times charming, the handsome man fascinates at first sight. But from the second it is found out that he too likes to drink and chat. It is not terrible, if you aren't going to continue acquaintance, here only these habits can spoil and the intimate moment. The man's psychology differs from female meaning that their abilities to listen to great volumes of last gossips about celebrities, to put it mildly, are limited. Therefore too garrulous partner strains. The man is capable to sustain such verbal stream only once in the event that it is a unique way to receive “access to a body”. But it is better to talkative maiden not to count on continuation in the morning, as well as the lady abusing the use of spirits.

6. A total failure

Owing to any reasons the man couldn't realize the physical desire. A situation unpleasant for you and tragical for it. Naturally, at such beginning of continuation, most likely won't be.

7. Availability - not defect?

The majority of men involves spontaneous sex. Who will refuse to take pleasure, if the girl herself runs after? Anybody, but this rule operates to steam of nights - no more. Somewhere patrimonial memory of their ancestors is stored in stronger sex genes - hunters who appreciated only that got expensive price. Therefore to accessible young ladies in the passport it is not necessary to hope for a stamp. It concerns also real lady's men. The serious girl not inclined to adventures, not begins to connect the life with so thoughtless and unessential person. Well what of it the husband and the father?

8. And we such different!

The reason the banal, but because of it people basically leave. Different habits, sights, opinions, biorhythms. And the main thing, inability and unwillingness to go on peace.

9. Contraception questions

For all possible consequences of unprotected sex with the casual partner are known. And still for many men condom use is similar to a feat. Make this feat the woman can to regard unwillingness as egoism and irresponsibility display that will not decorate the lover in her eyes.

In a return situation when "protection" the woman neglects, the man can suspect it of desire to get the child though the paternity wasn't included into its plans.

10. The Lover-egoist

Such persons in bed hasten to satisfy only the requirements, thus completely ignoring feelings and desires of the partner. Naturally, to get a long love story with such person anybody won't want.

Here the cores ten reasons on which the people who have entered casual communication, soon leave. But if from the spark which have run between them of sympathy the flame no reasons will prevent them to become a happy married couple has inflamed.

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