Sex in Car

Sex in Car

The American edition USA Today has published results of the research which have found out, what places are recognized the best for sex. With the big separation have won cars. They are preferred by 48 % interrogated. On the second place banal enough variant – “in another's bed” (33 %). Here, unfortunately, it is not explained, whether in the car Americans like to enter intimate affinity or also in the stranger. In wood 27 % interrogated were pleasant.

Participants also asked about in what places they would like to have sex, but yet didn't try. Among women of 26 % name a beach. It is interesting that among who already has such experience, only 23 % recognize seacoast as a successful place.

Among men the plane cabin is in the lead in the list of unfulfilled imaginations.

Sex in the car actually is popular not only in America, but also all over the world. Last year USA Today interrogated drivers in the most different countries including in Russia, and it has appeared that 15 % of automobile owners practised intimate affinity even during driving.

Crazy Drivers :) - they are not so sexy....

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