Sex in Kitchen

Sex in Kitchen

To all of us it well-known that kitchen – a place sacred and simply irreplaceable in life of each separately taken family and a society as a whole. On kitchen we not only are engaged in process of preparation and any taste delicions foods, but also we receive visitors, we discuss political conditions in the country, we solve ethnic questions and family disorders. And how regaling on unusual sexual sensations on familiar and become already native kitchen table, in an environment of vegetables-fruit and the appetizing savor proceeding from just baked fat of pies?

«David has approached to me behind, has pushed a hand under an apron and fuck my dummies. I have heard that he unzips, has felt its member who is moving ahead at me between feet. I have bent forward and have grasped the plate handle. It has lowered trousers, has moved apart my buttocks and the member in my vagina has pushed. So we had a sex directly on kitchen. I have been raised before that it seemed to me, as if at me inside something will burst. I kept for the handle, groaned and shivered. Whole half an hour I went after that the raised. But at all that has made a tasty dinner».

So, to all of us – and even that who now, having read this frank fragment from E.Smith's book, it is reprehensible has shaken a head and has said «My God, what platitude!» - from time to time it would be desirable to regale on something fresh, tasty and unusual. However not and not always it is convenient to all to get for this purpose the next novel. It is good, if you are free and have no financially-housing problems. Then, as they say, cards to you in hands: fascinate same free as you, beauties and drag in the den though all counter little birds. Well and if you serve time in the happy life imprisonment called by a biting word "marriage", and are happy charming body so, what even the thought on fleeting hobby forces you to writhe a dissatisfied grimace? Well, then try to follow classical advice of all known sexologists and to diversify the sexual impressions not by means of the new partner, and by means of new make-shifts.

All of us perfectly we know that true men are distinguished by propensity to some conservatism. Even the most masterly Don Zhuany develop certain quantity of bed stamps. Another matter that at them these stamps great variety, and at ordinary men is slightly less.

But we with you fair citizens, therefore let's not brag of nonexistent successes. Any normal man in the blossoming of forces is, of course, ready to charm the any lady by bed refinements, but in the heart of the severe man's soul it, certainly, would prefer to get off all this pleasant, but devilishly tiresome mind, as soon as possible, to return to a glass of expensive French wine, a delightful Cuban cigar and … to especially man's conversation about metaphysical features of a female organism and the new opening patented by it concerning erotic zones of the hotly favourite passion.

And, nevertheless, the exit, certainly, is! It should be! How receiving the acquaintance to spasms the friend in new, colourful and original packing and, what is important, to keep with environment peaceful harmonious relations? For this purpose only it is necessary to replace – let very soft and tender – bed with a kitchen table and all attributes connected with cooking.

Are assured, you will understand us without additional propaganda.

To take, for example, atmosphere of a kitchen room. It is a little beer or the cool champagne which has been laid up in favourite all your interior refregerator, will warm up stagnant blood in veins. To champagne the chocolate usually is necessary. Replace it on hardly more erotic cake. By all means with a cream. Contemplation of a sensual picture of eating of this delicacy by your charming friend will cause in you pappy delight and a storm of erotic experiences. Sex on kitchen is attractive already that allows to use by the way as though any tasty and appetizing delicacies. Making love in a bedroom, you, of course, not begin to interrupt intimate scenes as though with accidentally thrown phrase «Shcha, I on kitchen, will bring something tasty». It would look more, than strange. And here all near at hand - in the refrigerator, on shelves and in kitchen boxes and lockers.

By the way, it is an excellent way on the quiet, stealthily and without any subsequent remorse to gorge on something madly kalorijno-forbidden. Well think: what woman begins to count up, how many calories in a cream which it pinches from intimacies of the ardent lover! Therefore don't become flustered – impose a thick layer a cream specially prepared for an ornament of a cake preparing in an oven, smear itself and the invaluable half with condensed milk, frozen and similar tasty foods. Only we beg: don't champ – all the same the entertainment concerns the category erotic, instead of gastronomic. If an offered delicacy to you not to taste – well you don't love honey, its smell, color, taste – don't delay and … smear it on yourself. Let to itself the partner suffers!

By the way, intim on the kitchen, accompanied by plentiful eating of various delicacies, - also a fine way to pass away time in expectation of a family meal. There is nothing more tiresomely, than waiting of that magic moment when meat extinguished in a brazier will deign to reach standard. Well, this boring employment can turn to rather exciting action …

Sexual entertainments on kitchen have one more "plus": presence rigid, firm, to all a ready kitchen table. The remarkable place to indulge any in erotichesko-acrobatic tricks. It to you not soft bed in a bedroom, is pliable caving in in unison yours tv! If in your partner of live active weight of ten poods, and it all time strives to climb on handles or to take of a position "from above", a kitchen table – your last hope. Plant this appetizing lump on a table and … storm! Undoubtedly, it will be pleasant to it not less, than a pose of "equestrian".

You find threat to be the sex found out at the moment of employment by rather exciting procedure?! One thought what observe of you, results you in wild excitation?! Then especially be engaged in It on kitchen! And what? Think that somebody especially inquisitive of the house opposite observes of you. Perhaps, even in the field-glass!.

Well as, now you agree what sex on kitchen – action rather grasping and dizzy? So, yes courageous sorties in uncertainty are well! Where we will have sex next time? We wait for your offers.

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