Sex in London Undeground

In this article we will tell to you about sex possibility in the underground.

Here too it is a lot of nuances so without preliminary reading of this material, I wouldn't advise, painfully sharp psychological shock can happen, up to «wagin traps» that is really fraught in any extreme conditions connected with sex. In any municipal transportation sex is problematic by default as access to any part of this transport is opened for all and everyone. Besides in this case simply it is impossible to get rid from not absolutely pleasant things for sex – sounds, smells, total absence of hygiene etc. I Will tell fairly if you aren't touched by such things in sex, means, the high goes on other channels which are distinct from sexual satisfaction. In this case tactics and bang strategy aren't important, all are satisfied at the expense of adrenaline. Here such partners can to be afraid of anything, the rest I as always would recommend to be adjusted by all for similar action, to be prepared for it, and also to choose time and a place as in the underground there is no place to hide simply.

So, here they, elementary rules for competent execution of sexual intercourse in the conditions of an underground municipal transportation, in particular sex in the underground:

- It is necessary to adjust psychologically itself and the partner on sex in extreme conditions, and to make it not simply in words, and carefully having worked all details of a forthcoming bang;

- If in a city or village there is no at least a pair of stops underground, it is necessary to find a city in which such it is possible, and without fail near relations who can redeem from police paws in case of catching on a scene of crime should live in this settlement at least;

- To be defined with clothes type in which it is possible to carry out without problems both sexual intercourse, and fast clothing-undressing;

- To be defined in due course and an action place, that is stages between stations should be as much as possible long and at certain o'clock as much as possible deserted;

- Before the certificate it is necessary to be washed away, put on carefully in the clothes chosen for the action (we used summer raincoats directly on a naked body);

- Without fail to take with itself a condom and greasing on a water basis from sex a shop;

- To try to choose the dark car, such quite often come across, and the people there try not to come, especially towards evening;

- To choose the far corner of the car and there to locate together with the partner, to be raised, add greasings on genitals as the brain can not understand such aspiration to an extreme and not coordinate all actions of an organism as it is necessary – and forward.

As to sex of poses in avoidance to catch sight too causing position is better to use sedentary, in this case clothes floors easily hide a true state of affairs from another's eyes. Besides it is possible to use poses standing, having turned away to a wall of mine of underground. In such pose it is possible to risk to copulate even at full illumination and rare passengers as backs will be reliably covered by clothes, and from front hardly who will get. As to lying experiments, them is better to apply on long stages when there are some guaranteed minutes during which time nobody will be put.

As to a high from such items so it not easier emission of adrenaline because of catching of another's sights, here you and rhythmical reknock of wheels, and quite real twitchings of cars, sharper, rather than in train, and cool in the morning to get into the same car and to remember than here were engaged the day before. Personally at me such moments always cheer up as I really know that such hooliganism to very few people under force, and time I could such no barriers will stop me. Also it is not necessary to be afraid of casual sights during sex, after all young simply will envy and will take into consideration that similar it is quite realizable, and old will remember youth and those moments which they haven't carried out then though quite could …

In a case попадалова directly in process it is necessary to pay off, so on this case a quantity of monetary denominations should is indispensable to be with itself. Also in quality a persuasiveness dense forest it is necessary to banish any legend, type supposedly we want to enter a legal marriage, here and have decided to note so important event for us thus. Forgive us, please, we will never have sex also all something like that more, supporting the repentance by means of a contained purse. It will be better not to bring matters to its institution on a paper as the court won't understand such aspiration to affinity and can quite solder in the hooligan, and it obviously isn't entered in high reception.

The thread can at whom there is an experience of employment by sex so to say in extreme places or situations, welcome in comments.

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