Sex in Water

Sex in Water

The spring, thawing of the ices, all rivers overflow banks … Feel, at what I drive? If do not feel, I will specify: to that urgently it is necessary to decline the partner to sex in water. Not in spring slush, of course, and in the places much more suitable to this business.

Basically, sex in water - a piece amusing but if you want safe sex, arises a number of complexities. First that the condom and water not so well influence against each other. Hot water and the chlorine dissolved in it (if you, for example, practise copulation in pool), considerably reduce durability of a condom so at all do not count on high degree of protection. Besides, the condom can slide off and leave in free swimming. And cholera vibrioes, intestinal sticks and other bloodsuckers, by the way, live in water. Therefore, not to fray nerves to itself and the partner, buy more protection frames.
Greasing lie, yes in it a hint

Secondly, if you fondly believe that water in itself quite good greasing, I will disappoint you. Water not that does not promote penetration of your penis it is known where, but even on the contrary: washes off female greasing it is known whence. Than it is fraught, not to me to you to explain. An optimum exit here the such: to use greasing on a silicone basis. It is not dissolved in water and does process of penetration by more comfortable.

So, contraceptives in a pocket, greasing in a suitcase, it is necessary to be defined only with a place of your water entertainments. Variants here can be the following:
The person disseminated - an orgy in pool

In pool. The public pool disappears at once, if certainly both of you not dodger and not body exhibitors with the experience. Besides, water in such pools, as a rule, is chlorinated: getting to cavities of your lady or in yours, it will cause an itch, burning and others crazy sensations. An exit here - oral sex. The girl can sit on the brink of pool or on a ladder, and you - to stand in water, or on the contrary.
Merge of two souls

In a shower. If your shower not very big, sex in a missionary position disappears at once. But for sex standing here simply uninhabited open spaces. Both of you will be damp enough, thus water will not get to especially hard-to-reach spots. For greater safety, be spent for pair rugs inadvertently not to slip on wet to a floor. The broken head, on my belief, is badly combined with passionate caresses and multiorgasms. Also it is necessary to take care of a support for your partner: a slippery floor in shower plus intensive frecian can lead to that its body will dangle here and there. Therefore put in a shower a pole, a rack or something similar.
Love ocean

Salty water is not absolutely that should be in a vagina. Therefore the best exit here will be, if you help to reach each other an orgasm by means of hands. Well, or be engaged in love joys in the Volchihinsky water basin (lake Baikal or any other fresh-water reservoirs also will approach). And, do not do it directly in water - there you can competently spend a prelude, and for the sex the bed-sheet spread at coast (sand, by the way, too should not be too often in a vagina) will approach.

Sex at ocean or the big reservoirs - not a joke. You should be at least the quite good swimmer, differently the partner simply смоет a wave (will strike a current a slope, will bite any infusorians - whether a little that can occur). Remember inflow and отливах, and also that in some corners of our planet to have sex illegally. Same most concerns public places - instead of a mad orgy you risk to spend a pair of clocks in local prison.

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