Sex Two Plus One - have you ever try - For and...

This is when you no longer two, and three. And, at first it seems that the number of emotions and pleasure will increase not by one third, and at once in three times. May be so, but I Love the three of us, like everything on Earth has its reverse side. That is a dream of all. Both women and men. However, the women, of course, is about to be surrounded by two beautiful young man, men are more like the thought that the other two were ladies. However, not necessarily what will happen the way you want to. So, let's see, what can be the options.


And do not say that you never want you to caress at the same time the two men. In this so much eroticism, that if you have it does not cause delight, then, perhaps, you were raised in a very strict family. However, our goal is not to find out why you don't like it. If you have never tried and don't know about all the delights of this form of sexual relations, then, if you please:

- Caress you, at least two of the mouth, just 4 hands, not to mention two members.
- Each of your partner wants you to groaned from his caresses higher than that of a caress of the other, therefore struggles.
- It is not excluded, that all of you three will be active, but, most likely, quite a large amount of time they will give you, and you will need to give the process of receiving pleasure.
- You will fondle at the same time in those places, to which no one even very искустный man is not able to reach at the same time.
- If you are able to experience many orgasms, then you will have enough.
- And, finally, you can not doubt that you will have such feelings, which you have not experienced ever, at least think about the feeling, when you are at once two members.

At first glance it may seem that such cannot be in principle. But this is not so. Because if you reject the pink dreams and lower blood levels of adrenaline, which leaped from one thought about this kind of sex, it turns out that the disadvantages of not less than pluses.

- As it is sad, but if, when dealing with a man, you will take maximum precautions against unwanted pregnancy or at least unwanted diseases, you still have the risk of becoming pregnant or infected with, then, spending the night at once with two partners, you need to understand that the risk of this is once in 2 times.
- Of course, I'd like to think that everything will be exactly as you want. But it may happen and a certain lack of understanding between you three. And it is very, very likely. Well, for example, ever fought them is because of the one who the first will enter in you.
- Well, may be this: boys will be bisexual and with gusto, forgetting about you will enjoy each other. The situation a little, but, all the same, probable.
- If you get the people, the cravings that you don't know very well (and often so women prefer to experiment with people unfamiliar with whom they are likely never meet again), it is likely that you will do is not what you expected. For example, you want to caress and tenderness, and you in turn will be all night without stopping, and, including the anus, then you certainly have not planned. Of course, you can politely ask or rude to refuse. But don't forget: you are the one and them - the strong, strong - two.
- Moreover, it may happen that you do narvetes for a couple of perverts-rapists. Details will not discuss. Clearly, what you do, most likely, will not like it.

Well, you understand, this is when you (a woman), a man and another woman. Immediately I foresee that the very idea of you may like less, so that immediately turn to the advantage, of which a few:

- Calling in the marriage bed girlfriend, you can save the fading of the marital relationship.
- If you like to caress man and generally being active in bed, then you are with a friend can deliver the really amazing pleasure to your partner. Only you personally from this quite a few benefits.
- There are some mysterious sense of power over a man, when he conducts the lady. And if it is two ladies, then: I have in mind subconscious feeling of superiority, which may well arise and give you a couple of minutes of pleasure. On a psychological level.

How many you want! Let's start with that... However, all in order: - Your girlfriend can easily like your husband more than you, and your marital relationship is cut off completely.
- But the most terrible thing, it is, of course, that for women the process of sexual intimacy most of all - important point. I mean that a woman cannot stop halfway. Now, let's say, pleasuring your man at the same time and you and the second partner. A partner is still far away, and you need just a little bit. And then - who knows it, why is it so he throws you and starts to work on it: Can you now yourself and you can't imagine how it hurts. One thing I will say: I am so completely lost interest to one lover, with whom we have sex together.
- In the end, women - индивидуалистки and selfish. You can simply do not forgive a man, that with it he was making love more than for 20 minutes, than with you: maybe she thinner waist or chest more? Crazy you can then will go from these experiences:

Well, here you just head down the manna of god. If among women not everyone wants to spend the night in the company of two men, that men are much однозначней. If you are in reality not dream about it, they certainly are dreaming in the dream. So, the advantages, which you already know:

- I have two at once!!!
- Just two caress me!!!

It is sad, but there are in this situation and minuses.
- You can on them both simply not suffice. As you can imagine, there will be a shame to all three? And something else called insolvent. How terrible.
- Making the conclusion of a similar situation for women, we can assume that there will be an "adaptation of spheres of influence" or simply put, a bitter jealousy with a consequent hatred and dissatisfaction. In the end, lying with two women, you will not gain two new lovers, and will lose them.
- At some point you can get lost in the process, having forgotten who and how you are already caressed, especially if you have let the process. The result see paragraph above.
- We should not forget about the chance to pick up any нехорошесть. Condoms constantly disguise - one that is not stoned.

Of course, this is not something that the two women, but why not experiment? So, what are the "for "?
- This is your finest hour. There is a field of battle, have a rival, there is a wonderful lady. There is where and how to flash. There is a big chance to win.
- You can dream up, for example, to imagine, as you are with a friend caught a girl and take her by force. The Two Together. Women often do not reject such fantasies. Only suggest she may like.
- Of course, you can get less than if you were with this woman together. But even with a lady who does not reject the experiments, there is a high probability that it will be very emotional and sensual. And what a man does not like it when she screams and winds?

Yes, in general, basically all the same:
- Finest hour is the hour. And suddenly a star are not you?
- Get less in any case.
- The girl is слабенькой: your friend yet, and you are not.
- You can contrive to get what actually was the second partner, and the girl would become a "transit point" infection.

Conclusions from all this can be done a variety of. As they say, think for yourself - you decide - to have or not to have ;-)

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