Sex under Rain

Sex under Rain...

A drop of rain, falling on my cheek, was immediately lick your hot tongue. For a moment our eyes met, and all the pent inside the beautiful fountain burst forth. An extensive life baggage behind does not prevent us, as the children look forward to meeting each of the rare times. On this day we agreed to meet on the shore of the river that flows through our town. Sitting on the yellow carpet of leaves, we looked at the water, imagining that are located on the sea beach.

By walking people. We drank red wine, I, looking to beautiful eyes, almost not listening to your sweet talk, feel absolutely happy. And this is a drop blew up the us, your lips dug into my eager hands already caressed his chest. Nipples immediately begin, between his legs was hot and wet. The rain, looking at us, picked up stronger, and you, being jealous towards him, trying to catch every drop from my already fully naked body. An unusual feeling, when after the cold touch of the rain should be yours, so warm and greedy.

Drops are converted into streams and fun run, looking in the most secluded places, you try to keep them, get up on his knees and licking them already between my legs. Yes, the rain is not to be compared with you in this skill, and affection that you give me, quickly brought me to orgasm. Wave of bliss embraces the whole of me. Kneeling down, I unbuttoned pants, a nice big cock so tense that it seems that now the skin of it bursts. Now it's my turn to try curious rain, and at the same time and you to taste. Gently licking the head, starting to his eating , as children licking a lollipop, I could not stop. Deep in my mouth, it was hot, the maximum tense and that's a strong jet of sperm beats of love delicious drink! We stand completely naked in the pouring rain, the body intertwined, your hands caress my wet body, how I want to feel you inside! I stroke your boy and he immediately responds to my caresses.

Turning back, I leaned back against the trunk of a large tree. He ran his fingers down my back, you gently began to caress the clitoris. I'm sick of desire, the rain turned to a million fingers, which do not leave without attention either one piece of the body. You can't restrain himself and economical enter into me deep and confident. Podmahivaya you ass, I feel a thrill! How long is bliss say hard, it seems, I did not exist on the earth, and flying in the sky! Screams from the coming we have an orgasm burst out at the same time, and the rain of a burst of thunder, all three of us have experienced a pleasure! Echo picked up voluptuous sounds and suffered far above the river.

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