Sexy Lips

Sexy Lips - have you ever had?

Dream about a beautiful sexual lips for Angelina Jolie? Women's magazine, a Country of Beauty reveal to you a few secrets...
Sexual lips - secret №1

"In a healthy body, healthy spirit", do not forget this simple truth. To lips does not dry out and not cracked, you need to moisturize them from the inside. Drink plenty of pure water, in an ideal - 8 glasses a day. And this is in addition to tea, coffee, soups and other food. Very clean drinking water, you can mineral. Water is of vital importance to the health of the tissues of your body. Believe me, your sexy lips tell you much.
Sexual lips - secret №2

Protect your sexy lips from wind, solar and other troubles. Always use a lip balm with SPF15 and above. Always! He wets her lips and prolongs the durability of lipstick. Wear balm can be as under lipstick, and without it. A good option for буднечных days.
The secret of sexual lips №3

Use a pencil outline. With its help, you can visually increase the subtle little lips or, on the contrary, reduce too thick. Simply pass the path a little closer or farther from your natural contour of the lips. But be careful when you select a contour pencil - it should ideally blend with lipstick. If people see your path, then you use the incorrectly chosen pencil. You should also not use a liner in the case, if you have already taken a lipstick.
The secret of sexual lips №4

The color of the lips can tell a lot about its owner. The color of your lipstick says not only about how you see yourself and feel in this world, but also how the perceive you around. That says your favorite color of lipstick?

Pale-pink: you are a lovely and pretty

Red: you love style and you're a brave girl.

Coral: you are a lover of adventure.

Brown shades: you classic and it is outside of time.
The secret of sexual lips №5

Use the shine. You can completely cover them lipstick, but you can only drop a little in the center of the bottom lip. Shine gives lip volume, moisturizes them, it makes them sexy and desirable.
Sexual lips - secret №6

And finally, perhaps, the most fundamental thing we still my mother told since high school. Do not bite and are not облизывайте lips! It is irritating to the skin of your lips and makes them pale. Not gryzite pencils and writing accessories. Then your lips would remain beautiful and lipstick remain on the lips, and not on the teeth.

Your lips are ready ... don't you? You can treat yourself to experiment with color and size and will become the owner of the most luxurious and sexual lips.

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