A London girl from the suburbs of Liverpool came to conquer, in 22 years. Congenital perseverance, passion to risk and diligence helped Tan become a famous actress, snyavsheysya in almost 40 feature films and numerous tv series. The star was, of course, the role heartbreakers Samantha in the tv series "Sex and the city"

Your love for theatre purely european roots?

Of Course. In the 12 years I first saw the performance of one of Shakespeare's plays. It was in Liverpool. Since I am just sick theatre. When the question arose about a return to the parents in Canada, I prayed every night that something happened to go and not have to. Life in England for me was full of the special spirit of traditions, rich culture. I love London. This city has a unique spirit of freedom.

What for you personally, it manifested?

In London I can travel on public transport. Seriously. No one here do not pounce on you with cameras, not shouting after him. Londoners are special people. They are reserved and well brought up. In New York I do not feel in safety. While in London I can drive late at night in the bus.

What for you the theatre?
Tan Caroline

The opportunity to return to his native England, it is the source of my career, then, with what I started, school of life, the eternal passion.

Your attitude to men is similar to the views of Samantha Jones from the series "Sex and the city"?

I have three times officially married. I have been lovers for 20 years younger... Yes, it is in the spirit of Samantha. I think, I would not be so easy to play that role, if I did not share her views. I like the image of the fatal women. I do not like the expression "the weaker sex". I know that many feminists consider me to be his own man. Yes, I am for a strong and powerful women.

Than you with Monica not like?

Samantha Jones - this is, first of all, the image. Any artistic image is собирательность, an exaggeration. I could never come up in the bar to the liked man and immediately drag him into bed. Samantha - the predator, I have the same quality do not possess.

True if rumors about your enmity with Sarah Jessica Wondorf?

The answer is in your question. The Rumors. No one saw, as we get in fights, скандалим... When independent, successful, beautiful women, many years of work there may be a sense of rivalry or of fatigue from each other. Us with Sarah contend there is no need. Each of us has its own niche, its fans. Fatigue... Yes, it was boring too. But you also from time to time the tire colleagues. However, on this then do not write the tabloids. Sarah once said that she loves me, that without me, there would be no movie. Believe me, it is mutual.
Tan Caroline

Do not regret, that never got a family?

You're now children have in mind? In yemen there is none, but there is nephews, with whom I spend a lot of time. Still maternal instinct guide for young actors. She acted in a film with Daniel Ретклиффом. A remarkable young man. We have developed good friendly relations. When you play with young actors, always want something to help, something to suggest.

You elegant look. Apparently, age not a problem for you...

I hate the phrase "you look well for my age". What's the difference, how many man years. You can look either good or bad. Point. Many of us shudder to look at your photos in 19 years. The terrible hair, gaudy outfits, about a make-up, I generally keep silent...

I like how I look. I'm not afraid of old age. Look at my mother and I understand that the age is measured state of the soul.

Why, in your opinion, the tv series "Sex and the city" has become a cult?
Tan Caroline

Modern women so much time give to children, men, work, that by itself it practically does not remain. As much as I want to meet with old friends, to go to a restaurant, to go shopping... IN the heroine of the film women and find comfort. In the series addresses current topics, close each of us. The main thing is that we wanted to say, is that it is necessary to live a full life: to have fun, flirt, allow little joy, do not be afraid to be herself. The movie was sincere. This is its secret.

About what your books?

About love, of course. About the relationship of life. My first book was published in 2001. "Find me" − this is a textbook for young girls, with whom I wanted to share the experience. You know, something like the women's magazine, but in hardcover. "A dossier on sexuality" − reading for a more adult audience. The book contains many illustrations, drawings, and text more open. I wanted to recreate the history of transformation of human attitude to sex. As for me, it was interesting.

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