Sex - What is It?

Sex... What is it?

The word "sex" means existence of various floors - man's and female. A sex of person - the indisputable physiological factor. It means presence of the lines descended, knowledge, experience, mentality and behavior which are peculiar to it or it and thanks to which we carry the person either to men, or to women.

Sex also means the activity of the person connected with our genitals. In such cases we usually speak to eggs.

Secondary genitals are what aren't connected with fertilisation but which help us to establish a floor. Beholding them, we often feel pleasure or erotic feelings. At women such genitals are the breast and a clitoris.

In the western culture concept to "have sex" it is used freely enough that not necessarily assumes achievement of any special affinity between partners. To "Have sex" means mainly copulation, that is sexual intercourse in which process the man's penis is in a female vagina. The concept to "have sex" in the western society sometimes isn't connected completely not with habitual representation about sex and often at all doesn't assume penetration of a penis into a vagina. Usually these actions mean participation of the woman and the man, sometimes and same-gender persons. Even the term "sexual intercourse" or as we speak, "do it" can to concern not only to that the penis is in a vagina, but also to other sexual activity.

For many people in most cases expressions "sexual intercourse", "sexual relations", "to sleep with someone" or "to be engaged in it" mean penetration into a vagina. We will clear value of these words to understand, about what there is a speech.

Ordinary people "have sex" with other people only just for the hell of it, for the sake of affinity and participation which arise in the course of this action, and also in that case when they want to conceive the child. Besides, employment by sex bring also moral satisfaction.

If to speak about pleasure which we test during employment by sex we are obliged by it to our genitals. Our erotic experience, feelings and desires, our sexual imaginations and thoughts, our sexual aspirations or feelings to other person - all of them a product of activity of our brain. In sex, as well as in other aspects of human behavior, our mind can be very strong ally, and can be and the worst enemy

Sex for the majority of us not simply physical inclination or physiological requirement. It - the most intimate action in which we involve other person. This merge of two people in which we "indulge", giving myself to other person. Good sex is not only dexterous movements and the skillful technics, this aspiration to express to open and manage to respond on desires of other person.

What is the sexuality

Sexuality is that way by means of which we test and we express themselves as the person of a certain floor. Our knowledge about to myself as about the woman or the man is a part of our sexuality which we are capable to embody in our erotic experiences and sexual responses. We never happen sexless, even at infantile or children's age even if it is a question of the priest who has vowed a celibacy, either about the nun, or about the ailing person that in itself means an exception of our consciousness of such concept, as "floor", concerning these people. Irrespective of, whether we make the decision on the introduction into sexual relations or as a result of a trauma or illness our genitals have lost the sensitivity, our sexuality nevertheless remains internal requirement of ours of a being, its integral part.

Sexuality isn't hidden somewhere in the separate, isolated site of our brain. Other aspects of life in all variety rush into our sexuality, finding in it the place.

Sexuality is present at our life to the end. For the majority of us sexuality and its expression are closely connected in consciousness with sensation of own importance.

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