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What for men buy prostitutes?


Looking at article name, at once the question comes to a head: «That it is necessary to these men? The wife at them also prepares, both beautiful, and clever, and in bed is good. And it all the same on the left has aimed a nose». Give together with site Megarotator.com we will find the answer to question so exciting all women.

What for men buy prostitutes?
To begin with it would be desirable to tell that all problems directly are connected with family relations between spouses. But at once we will make a reservation: campaigns on the left occur not always. There are men decent, loving the wives. And there are also "arthropods" – where a member, there and feet. Last type to consider there is no sense – circulation on prostitutes, it is their meaning of the life. We will consider a standard case at which the normal loving man has got a habit periodically to visit women of easy virtue. Thanks to sociological polls among men some reasons forcing men to go to prostitutes have been allocated.

Requirement for a variety.
Very often from a male the remark supposedly not is audible every day it is necessary to eat soup, it would be desirable and soup to try. It means that the beloved "has become boring" also to the man it would be desirable to dilute this ordinary with other type of women. Each time it tries a novelty, at which an arch a hair colour, a constitution, hips, a breast, growth, etc. More often to men it is simply curious, what to the touch a breast of 5th size, or what sensations with the fatty.

Still campaigns to prostitutes make men at whom the number of victories over women in youth is insignificant a little. Thereby, descending to the prostitute, the man ego-trips, and also receives experience and a rating in the opinion of friends.

Prostitutes are trouble-free.
In the given reason basically wives are guilty. Men very much love a variety in sex: various new poses, sexual games, use of intimate toys, and also dream of group sex, etc. Well if the wife agrees on the big share of imaginations of the husband. But if sex passes basically is ordinary, in a night dress, under a blanket and in the dark, that is absolute probability of a campaign of the husband to the prostitute. It without any words will execute the most treasured desire of the client, beginning from refined poses, anal and oral sex which the wife does not suffer and finishing sadomasochist imaginations.

Serious relations? For what!
The prostitute that also is good that the man takes pleasure simply to it having paid. The main thing qualitatively and long it is not necessary to wait. After all here it is absolutely not necessary to look after "butterfly", to give gifts, flowers, to drive in restaurants and to wait, when it "will ripen" to sex. Besides, the prostitute is not whimsical and will not punish you for a fault absence of sex and the more so, such surprise as the kinder here is excluded. Oh, beauty!

Prostitutes – ladies fair.
Prostitutes – ladies who fairly fulfil the money. They never will demand from you a fur coat, a ringlet or any other gift. They will never speak about the problems and a headache because of which sex is simply impossible at present. If you it have paid, they with interest will award you with qualitative sex.

Except all it as informs a site the Sex gleam, sex with the prostitute is pleasant to men and that:
Today's night belongs only to the client is IT humour, and him at all does not excite, whether the pose thought up by it or anal sex is pleasant to the woman.
Orgasm? Well you! With the prostitute it is not necessary to care of reception of its pleasure at all, and she never will tell that it is not pleasant to it.
Having sex with the prostitute, you decide what to do, how many and as. After all the client of the rights more than ever.

The prostitute always looks great!

Hairdress, manicure, pedicure, intimate hairdresses. After all the income depends on its kind!
Prostitutes are not afraid of a penis and with pleasure it caress. It is very important for men as the relation to a member them is disrespectful offends.
All business takes in hands the woman: tempts, undresses, starts game, etc.

As you can see, men go to prostitutes behind reception of missing attention in sex. And that it was not, the site of Seksposvet advises to wives to be more attentive to the men. And is better, get useful the literature, films, learn and become the prostitute! Clear business that for the husband. Hardly "the full" man in sex will go on a visit to the prostitute.


Prostitutes suck better, than wives

So consider 87 % of Russian men conducting active sexual life at the age from 25 till 55 years. We will try to explain and interpret somehow so impressing victory of prostitutes over lawful wives in sphere of oral sex.

Let's begin with the main thing. Prostitutes really on the whole suck much better, than wives. However, not the superfluous will notice that we meant wives of participants of poll by wives and the matrimonial blow job with a crash has failed, having conceded with the devastating account to a professional blow job performed by prostitutes. But thus many participants of poll in additional comments to the voting noticed that another's wives suck too not bad though and without holding out on quality of a blow job to prostitutes, but nevertheless it is much better, than lawful spouses suck away. Funny also directs at reflexions … As all the same depends on perception of sex, novelty and a piquancy of situations, a sharpness and brightness of sensations much! After all, in essence, the same women, whose matrimonial blow job were so husbands are dissatisfied, with a spark and imagination suck away at the lovers and, certainly conceding in sexual professionalism to prostitutes, nevertheless leave about itself as about sexual partners in general and about the ability oral to humour the man as a whole quite good impression.

And nevertheless than to explain, what prostitutes «have taken out in one gate» wives who, apparently, should for years of a matrimony learn to suck off so that the husband every time when the wife takes a member in a mouth plunged into a nirvana and departed on the seventh sky of pleasure, is grateful pouring over the wife - super girl a blow job a stream of hot sperm? Alas, laziness, self-calmness of lawful wives on the one hand and the polygamous nature of men demanding a variety in sex, on the other hand, have provided a confident victory to prostitutes.

The first reason on which in sphere of oral sex prostitutes unconditionally are in the lead, we name needs of nature of men to diversify the sex. The wife as though did not suck, sooner or later (the main thing that it has not appeared too late though viagra, flirt and love will help not to leave long the big sex for trainer's work) the man tests a crying need in new sensations from oral sex and it concerns mainly at all technicians of a blow job. Even if the wife will constantly fill up the arsenal sexual the technician, will learn to do a royal deep blow job, will suck and lick to the husband of egg, to do urological massage of a prostate with a member in a mouth and will master other delicacy, it will not correct a situation. Not so much new caresses and counters are initially necessary to the man. New women who at it will suck away are necessary to the man. New women who take in a mouth, - here a basic need of the man – the male and the conqueror.

As the present market of intimate services gives huge, almost inexhaustible choice of prostitutes, the man has a possibility, ordering the prostitute, to choose any type and to give in a mouth to thousand girls of the most different appearance, a type and a manner to execute a blow job. Thanks to a wide choice of prostitutes you can give in a mouth to girls of modelling appearance, at you with pleasure will suck away blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women, Asians and even negrushi-chocolates, thin and fat, assy and with figures of girls-teenagers, mature both ladies and young bich.

The second reason on which with such huge separation have won prostitutes, too is clear. The blow job which is done by prostitutes is an oral sex for the only purpose to satisfy the man. In matrimonial sex such it is almost impossible. Having sex with the wife the man anyhow cares of its desire and should not to take pleasure itself so much and a discharge, how many to satisfy the wife. The husband is not enough in what normal family can at any moment when to it was impatient, without any preludes simply to lower a little trousers and having taken out a member to order to the wife: «Suck!». And that the wife there and then, having thrown washing and a cutlet on a plate, there and then has willingly clung to a member and began to suck away with ecstasy, without forgetting to mass a scrotum … And to finish a session of spontaneous oral sex with the spouse what to let out a stream of hot sperm in greedy substituted widely open mouth of the wife. Well and after the spouse, having swallowed sperm, at once will easy return to washing and cutlets. An unscientific fantasy.

And the prostitute at any moment really willingly takes a mouth and will perfectly suck away without any preludes and "moods", and the main thing what to care of excitation and satisfaction of the prostitute to the man it is absolutely not necessary. On the contrary, it is the prostitute actively cares of excitation, pleasure and satisfaction of the man.

The third reason is connected with it, on which prostitutes so have outridden wives in pleasant but as it is found out not such and simple business, as a blow job. The model of sex with the prostitute cardinally differs from model of sex with the wife. Overwhelming majority even willingly and skilfully sucking wives suck off how it is pleasant him. Certainly, there are many women who adore to suck, but they suck away in the pleasure and a blow job for them – the way perfectly to be raised and take pleasure games with bold a member.

Something often enough is required to the man other, but it is difficult to explain every time to the wife, and all these explanations kill all high from sex. And how without preparation and explanations to force before itself the wife to the knees and simply to bang her in a mouth? And after all such mood demanding such way of sexual satisfaction – not a rarity at any normal man. Sex with the prostitute – real and accessible possibility to realise the requirements. The prostitute can be banged in a mouth, without caring at all that she will think of you, it can give for a cheek, fuck the person, say, with the girl it is possible to do everything, everything not take care on morally-ethical themes. By the way, skilled girls perfectly understand requirements of men and perfectly consult also in rough enough ways of a blow job when clients simply bang them in a mouth, and the technicians of the blow job providing necessity of preliminary excitation and long caresses of the client exhausted with stresses.

The fourth reason of triumph of prostitutes – professionalism of girls

All the same, any professional skill, if it constantly to perfect (at primary presence of abilities, certainly), it is improved and in the development considerably advances amateur amateur performance. Certainly, the general level of sexual skill of prostitutes considerably above level of a great bulk of women.

And it concerns not only technicians of sex, special receptions and caresses, but also skill as a whole, and also beauty and qualities of a body – the excellent physical data can brag almost all a little decent prostitutes. Many men constantly using erotic services of salons and girls-individuals, notice that last years there are many prostitutes meaningly developing own individual handwriting of work, unique personal style of sex which becomes in due course the card of the girl and provides to it regular customers.

And the last what we would want to mention in this note, it and is unreal to receive those various bonuses which can be received in addition to traditional oral sex performed by prostitutes, if the wife sucks. Well, if any careful wife also makes urological massage to lick to you an anus when to you its friend, it hardly will suck away.

And to order two girls and to receive simultaneously a blow job and ticker is easily. Also will suck away and will lick, also therein in places will change., By the way, when one girl sucks sensations a member, and another licks an anus, simply magic, we recommend. The deep blow job, skilful caresses socer is already classics of a genre. Pleasantly when two girls simultaneously suck. Too not to achieve it from the wife at least because it one. Plus at many professionals is the boal and counters that it is pleasant to surprise clients.

The present market of intimate services is rather extensive and gives simply surprisingly ample opportunities for satisfaction of sexual requirements of men. Probably, those of 87 % of the men considering that prostitutes suck better, than wives, already had time to be convinced of it personally.

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